Conditions of hire


Thank you for your booking!  This hall has been provided for Weston Colville community use as a bequest by Major John Hall.  He would be pleased that you are planning to use it and we hope your event is really successful.  In return we ask that you look after the premises and its comprehensive contents by accepting these terms and conditions.


  • Ensure that the property, and the behaviour of those attending, is appropriately supervised during the hire period, particularly young children, who are not permitted in the kitchen where cleaning chemicals and sharp kitchen utensils are present.
  • Report any damage to the buildings, fittings and equipment.  If something stops working, gets broken, or is dangerous – just tell us, we won’t get unnecessarily upset, and it might be insured.  It’s helpful and essential to know if you`ve had to call the Emergency Services or seek external assistance.
  • Control car-parking arrangements.  Parking on the grass outside the building is not advised particularly if the ground is wet.     Please use the car park opposite the bus shelter.
  • Check the safety of any equipment and appliances that you bring into the hall.  It’s a condition that you accept legal responsibility for all items we haven’t supplied.
  • Manage noise levels and be thoughtful for local residents including the flat above the hall. Don’t expect to be welcome back if we receive reports of anti-social behaviour.
  • Leave animals and pets (except guide dogs) at home.
  • Remember to sign the register before you leave, with any comments you feel are appropriate.


At the risk of stating the obvious….


Hiring the hall is a legal contract and you have to be over 18 years to make a booking.  Anyone attending who is under 18 should be supervised in a way that meets the law and child protection legislation.  As the hall and the recreation ground is a licensed premises, this includes the consumption or sale of alcohol under the control of the appointed “Responsible Person” (Just for the avoidance of doubt this also means NOT serving/selling or providing  alcohol to minors (under 18`s) that is consumed on or off the premises.)


Similarly it is the hirer’s job to make sure the correct food preparation and health & safety procedures are followed.         Notices are displayed in the kitchen.


Your attentions to the Fire Alarm activation and evacuation procedures are essential.

Please make sure you are conversant with these procedures from your key holder.


Please pay the hiring fee in advance.  If you cancel with more than 24hrs notice we’ll return your fee.  We’ll always try to make the hall available, especially for regular bookings, but we reserve the right to give precedence to official village functions eg use as a polling station.  If we can’t honour your booking, naturally we’ll return the fee.


When you have finished, please:

  • Sweep and clean up all areas, especially the kitchen and toilets.
  • Stack all chairs against the main hall fireplace wall, and tables in the small hall.
  • Switch off all lights, refrigerator, chiller and water heater..
  • Wash up and put away all used items correctly
  • Sign the register, and check front door and garden doors are securely locked.
  • Reset the intruder alarm
  • Lock back door.
  • Return the keys



If you are unsure of the correct operation of any of the facilities in the hall, please ask your key holder before the commencement of your activity.


If we have to engage professional cleaners or contractors to restore the hall to the condition in which you took possession, we’ll charge you for that cost.  Sorry, but others will be using the place after you!


… and finally.  These are terms and conditions of hire.  If they’re breached, then whoever made the booking and/or paid the fee will be liable.


We hope you have a great event and will continue to use the hall again.


Your trustees

The Hall Reading Room and Recreation Ground Trust

April  2011





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