There is more about the Women’s Institute in The History of our Reading Room.


The Weston Colville branch of the Women’s Institute was founded in 1925  and only then were women allowed in the Reading Room.

Rosemary Westley, WI President remembers: “I joined the WI when I was 14, it was well attended, and I remember making tinned fruit, it was surprising what effort went into the WI.”

There were square dances and a fashion show.  “The WI used to do a big panto in the Reading Room, like Snow White and it was really professional” Susan Chapman wrote in Sharing Stories

Rosemary Westley adds “Mrs Jenkinson put on pantomimes, Mr Jenkinson had floodlights, that was unheard of in a village like this and he had a little band…my mum used to make our costumes” and tickets for all events were written one by one by hand.

Founder members of the Weston Colville WI:






A WI outing:





The WI in around 1950:





A WI Christmas dinner:





From the Minutes Book, 1984:






A wedding cake made and iced by WI members:















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